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GLB is dedicated to providing you with the most powerful tools while also providing the best value.  Below are a few of our recommended resources.  Shop around for the best value, but if you find shopping for the basics a bit confusing, get started here.

The first few steps of the process are key.  Take a look:

  1. Buy Your Domain – When you’re building a house, you need land, this is what your domain name is.  Your property.  You need an address and your domain gives you that.  Namecheap has some reasonably priced options, but of course, is not the only option on the market.
  2. Set Up Hosting – You’ll need to power up your house and that’s what hosting is like.  Hosting servers save your website files and powers them up to share them on the internet.
  3. Build your site – There are a number of options out there but the best way to select what’s right for you is to figure out what you want your site to do.  If you’re looking for something to sell your t-shirts or fun stuff online, a simple e-commerce site like Shopify may fit what you need (note: you will not always need hosting for this option).  You may need something a bit more dynamic and powerful, options like WordPress can be valuable tools as well.  The best way to completely customize your site is by custom building an entire website.  Contact Us for some ideas on customization for any of the mentioned options.
  4. Add Business Tools – Using your domain name to send emails adds a level of professionalism to your correspondence.  While not required, we do recommend you use these valuable tools to ensure your customers see you as a business rather than a hobby.  G Suite is a package of tools provided by Google that powers up your business with email addresses with your business domain name, so you can set appointments, send correspondence, and more!

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