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Technology doesn’t have to be scary

GLB Design & Development was started because the oversaturated industry was missing some really important stuff… human beings.  There is a “snobbish” attitude that can come with your average developer or development team.  Our team believes in learning the best techniques and sharing that with our clients in the most efficient and economical way possible. 

Our founder, Gabriela Bazan, started her technology career in 2007 in the accounting department of a small startup in Los Angeles, California.  As an outsider, a lot of the terms were foreign to her and she quickly learned that there was an ego that went along with “coders” and the “techies” in the industry.  She ignored the pretense and pushed through a lot of the boundaries set for her to move quickly through the ranks of customer service into client account management and onto project management and testing. While making all these moves over the years, she was motivated by preventing issues for the clients.  When she realized in testing she was preventing issues for clients but creating issues for developers, she put her hat in the development ring herself to prevent bringing more problems for anyone else. 

A client experience focused developer is what she became and quickly understood she’d never be able to help the amount of people who needed her help alone.  She quickly found a team of developers who enhanced each others’ knowledge, capabilities, and enthusiasm. This team is comprised of developers specializing in both front and back end development in various popular languages, web and graphic designers, and marketing specialists in social media and SEO. This dream team allows GLB Design & Development to be a complete package for your online business needs. 

As a proudly woman of color owned business, we are driven by our desire to help others and believe that just building a website is the beginning, we help you reach as many people as possible so that you may bring your products and services to those who need it most. 

Team up with us to find out what it’s like to be listened to, valued, and truly championed. Click on the button below to reach out to us, or use the chat tool to get in touch right away, we want to hear from you!