Long Beach, CA 90803,USA


About GLB Design & Development

Technology doesn’t have to be scary. GLB Design & Development was founded to bring the human touch back into an oversaturated industry. We noticed a “snobbish” attitude in the tech world and wanted to change that. In short, our mission is to share the best techniques with our clients efficiently and economically.

Our founder, Gabriela Bazan, began her tech journey in 2007 in a small startup’s accounting department in Los Angeles. She quickly moved through the ranks, motivated by her desire to prevent client issues. Eventually, she took on development herself to better serve clients and developers alike.

Gabriela built a team that enhances each other’s skills and enthusiasm. Our team includes front and back-end developers, web and graphic designers, and marketing specialists in social media and SEO. This dream team makes GLB Design & Development a comprehensive solution for your online business needs.

We’re minority-women-owned with a passion to help. Building a website is just the beginning; we help you reach as many people as possible to bring your products and services to those who need them most.

We listen to you, value you and champion you. Reach out to us by clicking the button below or use our chat tool to get in touch right away. We want to hear from you!