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Responsive web design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.  We help you design an experience your visitors can appreciate from all their devices.

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Whether it’s custom built from scratch, or you just need a custom add-on, our development team is ready for any challenge.  We build tools to provide your customers the best

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Our experts will help you capture your key demographic with Search Engine Optimization and tracking tools that help you track your marketing efforts.

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Plugin & Application Development

We provide you with more than design and marketing tools! Web application development adds customization beyond your competitors.

Sometimes a template just won’t do, or it’s just not quite enough.  We develop websites from scratch with design and functionality that is specific to your needs, we can add plugins built just for you and create a unique site that helps you bring exactly what you need to your site.


A few things we’re proud of

Client advocacy is the cornerstone of our business.  While building beautiful websites that work well for your marketing needs and creating social media campaigns that attract customers is key, we keep our service to our clients as the highest priority.


We didn’t start out with software, we didn’t come from a programming background and while some may see this as a negative, we feel it benefits us when speaking to clients about their needs.

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Our mission is simple, we want to help you.  We know there are many companies to choose from and we distinguish ourselves by putting you first, speaking to what you see as a priority instead of pushing our agenda.

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You’re allowed to change your mind.  You’re allowed to see something and say something.  We won’t charge you for simply speaking your mind and changing things up a bit.

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Don’t understand what algorithms, SEO, responsiveness, and other tech terms mean, you’re in luck.  Our staff is well aware of all the “fancy” talk some site builders can throw in to charge more. That won’t happen here.

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Tuned Into Your Needs

A great web application is only as good as its parts.  Developing plugins to compliment your website is key to the success of your project.

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The key to a great “looking” site is having the eye follow your design naturally.


Data storage and security is always a key to ensuring the information you’re gaining is safe and sound.


Experts who know how to build what you want and who take the time to learn why you’re building have more of a vested interst in the project’s success.


Your project is completed ontime, communication is clear, and launch goes smoothly with support by your side every step of the way.



Sometimes the right tool might not be right for you.  What makes sense for one, doesn’t always makes sense for all.  Getting to know our clients, is key to the success of every project.  When we know you, we know where you’re going.

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Our team has various industry operational knowledge, which helps us provide tools specific to your needs.


Usability is key to any website’s success.  Ease of use, a pleasing experience, and subtle messages help your visitors enjoy your site.


From the first interaction with our team, you will feel like you’re part of our family.  We provide 24-hour support and no request is impossible.


In the ever-changing tide of Web Design and Development, it’s important to stay in the know of trends and technology, we share our knowledge with you to increase your success.


Here are some great examples of how we work.  We build these custom sites, we customize templates, we build from scratch, we revamp, and once we’re done, you’re part of the GLB family.  Being family has great perks.  We’re constantly bragging about our clients.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Gabriela is one of the few web developers that resemble trust, friendship and team work. Excellent web developer!

Santiago Cerna

Rosanti Flowers

Gabriela rocks! Her work went above and beyond what was expected and it is obvious she takes pride in her work. She is highly recommended.

Hadriana Leo

Crescendo Financial

Gabi is by far the best designer I have worked with. She’s smart, friendly, technically adept and a pleasure to work with. You’d be lucky to get her on your project team. Hire her today, and I’ll be coming to her with my future needs!

Liz Alton

Indie Blue Media

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Our Team

Gratitude | Integrity | Honesty | Service

The pillars of our company and the basis of our functionality.  Our team believes in being grateful for each day and opportunity and providing a service to those in need while maintaining honesty and integrity. Meet the key stakeholders in the company’s vision.

Gabriela Bazan


Ashley Lagos

Social Media Director

Cristiano Santos Pinto

UX/UI Design Director

Lucas Paim

Python Development Lead

Munish Kumar

PHP Department Lead

Aymar Sossou

Development Lead

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Your online presence is key to your company’s success in today’s competitive market. Let us help you become “viral” with a great website and marketing campaign.

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