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No Spam, Ma’am

No Spam, Ma’am

Are you having issues getting your email from your WordPress site?

It’s a thing, it shouldn’t be, we all hate it and there are a few plugins that try to help, but if you’re not a coder, or know nothing about MX records you’re pretty stuck. Here’s a hint, if you said “what’s an MX record?” this article is definitely for you.

WP Forms had made a pro version of their WP Mail SMTP plugin called, appropriately, WP Mail SMTP Pro. This updated, paid version promises to deliver better inbox results, along with some other cool updates like email controls and logging, and help with Outlook and Gmail/suite applications.

Check out a bit more about some of the options they have available on the WPForms site for WP Mail SMTP Pro and Elite versions, which includes installation and support for their “white glove” service.

If you’ve had any trouble with your WordPress website sending you notifications when people sign up or fill out a form, use the WP Mail SMTP plugin. If you want to get some more robust features, select the Pro version, which includes a year of support. And if you’re looking for installation and setup without having to get involved, use the Elite version.

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