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Our Story

Our Story

It all started with the desire to help, to serve, to ensure her customers felt like they were experiencing something special.  The first couple of customers had no idea they were the first.  They felt the experience Gabriela brought from her decade working with software and two decades of working in various industries and fields.  She was an “old pro” and they knew it.

She brought an “old-school” feel of service, customer-first, people prioritization to an industry who had so frequently glazed over the importance of people since its focus was on technology.  She’s felt the loss of Service in Customer Service and brought the advocacy she’d always given her customer’s to a higher level than ever.  She was finally allowed to spend more than the allotted time set forth by her employers’ handbooks and metrics and got to know the customers and find what was truly the driving force behind their requests.

She has since gained an arsenal of knowledge and skill with development, design, content, and marketing by adding members with various extraordinary skills that complimented hers.  The team has finally come together and created beautiful projects together and would like to share their skills with you.

Welcome to GLB Design & Development, we’re happy you’re here and we are here to help. Ask us about the service packages we offer for maintenance, consulting services, and of course website, social media marketing, and web application development rates.  We look forward to working together!



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