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What’s the latest?

What’s the latest?

GLB Design & Development has gone through a ton of changes as of late, so it seemed like a good time to update you with what’s happening now.

It’s hard to admit, we did have some really interesting times the past couple of years. We partner with tons of people in tons of industries around the world and a global pandemic definitely had it’s ups and downs. We were unable to keep a lot of our staff due to various changes on the team. But we remained stead fast in our offering even if it meant we ran a bit ragged.

Unfortunately, COVID did hit key developers during peak build times and caused delays we couldn’t help and recommended our clients work with a different team to ensure they got their projects done. It scared us, but we managed to keep our doors open through the past couple of years and remain open today.

We are working with a significantly smaller team these days, however, we do have some really unique resources available to us that we would never have found without the challenges of the past couple of years. Our small but mighty team consists of various web developers, graphic designers, copy writers, and our owner, Gabriela, remains at the helm with product development and management.

We’re an efficient team that remains steadfast and continues to serve its maintenance clients and even manages to make a few new websites here and there. We’re always open to building software applications and have a dedicated team to do so, but our main focus has been in helping existing sites with their maintenance while we pulled together additional resources.

We have also added some really cool additional partnerships including, but not limited to, lead generation, business coaching, SEO, and social media services. It’s been an interesting ride, but we’re definitely excited to see what the future holds.

We’d like to take this time to thank the clients who did stick it out with us even when it may have been a bit harder due to various illness, grieving, and all the other things that came along with the past couple of years of the GLB Design & Development business evolution.

So if you’re looking for some help, we’re looking to help folks. We’d like to hear from you. How has the past couple of years been for your business? What are you looking for help with? Is there anything you can think of that we can offer but don’t?


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