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Don’t Fear The Automation

Don’t Fear The Automation

The industry is all buzzing about ChatGPT and what will AI do next?

First, we thought we would let you know a few things about it and then help you sort out where all this fear comes from and our position.

ChatGPT is an automated learning chatbot, it is “Artificial Intelligence” that basically has been coded to learn on the job. Here’s how it learns, when you add the tool to whatever you’re working on, assuming there is an API or some way to integrate it, it will not only help you do what you’re doing with what it already knows, but will learn from what you teach it. So it’s paying attention to you when you work and since it’s “Open Source” which means the data and its’ code isn’t proprietary, it can be used elsewhere.

The fear is in what it’s already learned (been taught) and what it can do as a result. People have taught it how to respond to customers online, how to build things that have normally taken humans a little longer to figure out, and it works with every single user to compile all their knowledge together to do it faster.

It has no fear, it doesn’t care if it gets it wrong, it’s basically all we wished we could be when it comes to applying knowledge to the workplace.

GLB Design & Development hasn’t used ChatGPT to build our websites, nor do we see that happening in the near future. The number of times we’ve see the tool “hallucinate” or get the answers wrong does not allow us to use it in the manner in which we’d like to present our work. Do we make mistakes? ABSOLUTELY, but we are not concerned with making mistakes, we want to keep our clients’ information and data safe and secure. So your site will not be available to the ChatGPT knowledge base from our end.

For more on ChatGPT and its valuable uses, please check out other articles like the blog from OpenAI its creator here and what Tech Crunch is saying is “Everything you need to know…”

Reach out to us if you’re interested in having us build your website the non-automated way


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