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How to Build Spam-Free Forms

How to Build Spam-Free Forms

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What’s with bots? You know those “people” who fill out the forms on your website triggering notifications that you have more subscribers or registrations, but you try to add them to your mailing list and they’re already marked as a bot. We know you’re trying to build your mailing list, register people for an event, or even get some new clients. We can teach you how to build spam-free forms that fight the bots!

Building spam-free forms is as simple as using an awesome tool called “reCAPTCHA” that was built to “quiz” people ensuring they’re human by picking various images with the designated item in them. This is to help you prove that you know which image shows a bus and which doesn’t. Then magically, you’re able to move forward your form submission. Visit Google reCAPTCHA to register your site and create the API information you’ll need.

Just about every theme installation will recommend the use of the standard Contact Form 7 because that was one of the original form creators for WordPress and it’s definitely a useful tool that has its quirks. If you don’t know how to call the specific fields using the code that’s provided, it may be a little more cumbersome than you’d like. However, there is a way to add Google reCAPTCHA to build your spam-free forms in Contact Form 7 form and we recommend if you go this route, to do so. Click here for instructions from the Contact Form creators.

WPForms has a more user-friendly version with an excellent interface that is easy for even the most beginning level user. Their plugin offers a ton of extras including reCAPTCHA that make it easier to collect information from your website visitors. The forms are easy to set up and easy to upgrade to include the add-ons. Check out their plugin on the WPForms website with instructions on how to add the reCAPTCHA to their forms.

Need some help with the overall setup of your site? Visit our Recommended Resources for valuable tools you’ll need to get started. Of course, if you’d like to get started with a website we build for you, please feel free to set up some time to speak with us about next steps by either contacting us or setting up some time on our calendar for a free consultation.

No matter which route you go, spam fighters be armed, we’re all in this together and the more we know about how to prevent spam, the better, more secure your website and your visitors’ information is.

Let us know what your favorite form is and how your reCAPTCHA experience has helped in the comments below.

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